4 Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration for Weddings

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Bridesmaid dress inspiration can be a reference for your wedding. When choosing a bridesmaid dress model, you cannot be careless. Because, if you make the wrong choice. It can make the costume look wrong or unattractive.

Bridesmaids do have a crucial role on the wedding day. Generally, those chosen to be bridesmaids are their closest friends. Then there were 3 to 4 people. So, for special days, choosing bridesmaid clothes is not arbitrary.

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Charming Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Although fashion for bridesmaid dresses is now widely available. However, you will be confused in choosing which clothing design is suitable. Starting from the model, and materials to motifs that need to be taken into consideration. Rather than taking too long, let’s take a peek at some inspiration for clothes or dresses for bridesmaids.

Boho Dress Models

The Boho or Bohemian model has many fans because it is eccentric. Also, it is close to the hippie or gypsy style.

But I didn’t expect that this style could also be used as a bridesmaid dress model. You can choose neutral or dark colors using old motifs. Because of ethnic or floral motifs with a vintage style. Generally, it is more suitable for you to support the Boho style. You can also add floral accessories to enhance the bridesmaid’s appearance.

Glamor Using Black

It’s not a problem to wear black for your bridesmaid dress. Apart from white, black also has a lot of fans these days. The color black also doesn’t only depict sadness. But it can also give other impressions.

As with the image model, black can also give an elegant but still glamorous impression. A black dress can also give a sexy and stylish impression. So it’s not a problem if you choose to use that color.

Dresses Using Embroidery

A long dress with full embroidery can be an ideal bridesmaid dress inspiration to convey a vintage impression and theme.

This model of clothing can make anyone who wears it look prettier. Embroidery on clothes can also create a luxurious impression at a wedding. The reason is that embroidery is a decoration made to make beautiful clothes that are worn using embroidery or a sewing machine.

Mermaid Model

Today’s bridesmaid dresses can be made with different looks. One of them is with a mermaid model. This model has a fairly attractive design with a mermaid shape, which is the right size for the body and widens at the bottom.

The bridesmaid dress inspiration with a mermaid model is suitable for women who wear the hijab to appear more elegant. The combination of this outfit is quite interesting because the embroidered top combined with the tulle fabric seems to fall at the bottom.