Modern Minimalist Wedding Concept, Elegant and Memorable

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Modern minimalist wedding Concept are currently in great demand by Indonesian people. When holding a wedding party, choosing a theme is something that needs to be considered.

Apart from being a special moment that will not be forgotten, wedding concept  will also make an impression on the guests.

It doesn’t have to be luxurious and expensive, you can also choose a decoration theme that is minimalist but gives a modern impression.

Modern Minimalist Wedding Concept

Modern Minimalist Wedding Concept that steals attention

The wedding day is one of the dream moments for prospective brides and grooms. Every bridal couple certainly wants to realize the wedding concept they have long dreamed of so that it will impress them for the rest of their life.

Therefore, careful consideration is needed when determining the wedding style so that it suits your wishes. For those of you who want to carry a modern minimalist wedding theme, here are some inspirations that you can apply, including:

Pastel Chic Concept

Many people are currently using the concept of wedding concept that carry a minimalist, modern chic pastel theme.

By using touches of pastel colors, such as soft pink, cream, soft blue and broken white, you can create and give a cool impression at the reception.

Garden Party

The next choice of simple, modern, minimalist wedding concept theme is a garden party. This theme is also increasingly popular along with the popularity of intimate outdoor weddings.

The characteristic of a garden party is the presence of natural ornaments such as flowers and leaves. The concept of an outdoor garden party wedding does not require a lot of additional decorations if the location is in a beautiful and beautiful garden.

For color selection, apart from using green which symbolizes the leaves in the garden, you can also use pastel and white. Even though it is simple, this wedding concept can still give a modern impression.


One of the decoration themes that is synonymous with calm color choices that can give a simple, familiar, warm and homely impression.

The concept of simple modern rustic wedding concept is often present for indoor receptions to create a natural impression.

Rustic themes generally use wood, brown, broken white and natural ornaments. Such as leaves, flowers, or rattan. So it is very suitable for those who like a unique and natural wedding feel, but on a low budget.

Vintage Theme

You can also use vintage style as a modern wedding concept option with a minimalist and elegant impression. Even though it is almost the same as rustic, the vintage theme has its own characteristics in its decoration.

Apart from using wooden materials, the vintage theme also comes in cream, white and pastel colors. Together with old school ornaments that depict the nuances of the past.

Of the several modern minimalist wedding concept options above, please choose which one suits your dream decoration. Create a memorable and unforgettable wedding atmosphere.