The Intimate Wedding Concept That is Luxurious But Saves Your Budget

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The intimate wedding concept is nothing new. Moreover, every day the concept of marriage is increasingly being looked at by prospective brides and grooms. You need to know that this concept is also designed on a smaller scale so that it can create a private and sacred impression. Generally, brides who hold a concept like this are only attended by special guests.

Like family, then relatives and friends, or more precisely, just the closest people. However, this does not mean that intimate weddings are only held in beautiful places. You can also hold this intimate concept outdoors, such as a park. Know that the essence of this mid-wedding concept is also more luxurious, not classy, ​​so it could be said that the budget that has to be spent is not that much.

Intimate Wedding Concept

Luxurious and Low-Budget Intimate Wedding Concept

Maybe for some people, the concept of marriage still sounds foreign. Know that intimate weddings are wedding events that are the same as weddings in general. Maybe the difference lies in the scale being smaller and more sacred. For this concept, it is generally only attended by the closest people and only the immediate family.
In this way, the atmosphere will also be warmer and more solemn. It could be said that the more striking difference from this intimate wedding concept is having a guest list of less than 100 people. It could be just 50 to 80 people. This wedding concept only involves family and close friends. In this way, the wedding event will be much more intimate.

However, this wedding concept also provides many benefits. Because if you remember the number of people invited. This means that this concept can also help to save on the wedding budget itself. This way it will not cause expenses to increase even if the money is used for your wedding party.

Benefits of Concept

The first advantage of choosing an intimate wedding concept is that it focuses more on the quality of the wedding itself, not the quantity. It’s true because quantity is more impressive than number. You don’t have to invite many people, at least from the family, then our relatives and close friends can witness this happy moment. Apart from that, you have to ask less and it doesn’t cause stress.

Sometimes the number of guests is too large, making Wo confused whether it’s finding a place or allocating his food. With such a small number of guests, it is not difficult for us to find a place with available space. Then it is not difficult to allocate the food served to guests. Plus, this intimate wedding concept also really supports minimalist decoration. So it is guaranteed to be more economical but sacred and solemn.