Viral Wedding Concept 2023 You Can Try, Suitable for Young People

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The viral 2023 wedding concept has really inspired the enthusiasm of young people who have the intention of getting married this year. You need to know that one of the viral videos on TikTok social media about getting married at KUA poetry attracted the attention of many people. Some say they agree, some say they disagree. Those who agree have the reason that the money used for parties is better saved and then used as an investment when they have children.

It’s different for those who say they don’t agree. The reason is that marriage only happens once in a lifetime and is a sacred moment. So it’s only natural that we want to throw a big party. However, this is apart from the trend of getting married at KUA.

In 2023, there are several wedding concepts that are currently in demand by many people and have become viral and trending wedding concepts. What is the concept like? This is the complete explanation.

Viral Wedding Concept 2023

Several Viral Wedding Concepts 2023

For the wedding concept, the trend in 2023 is earth tones. It has become one of the wedding trends for couples who want to hold an environmentally friendly wedding with a Garden Party concept. Generally, earth tones are used for weddings held with an open concept.

Green turns out to give a calm and timeless and refreshing appearance. Where you can also combine it with various flower decorations to add a more beautiful and elegant impression. The green color is also closely related to hope and luck. Meanwhile, one of the green colors that is trending in 2023 is Emerald.

Elegant and Classic

Apart from that, one of the viral wedding concepts this year is elegant and classic. Choosing the color gold, such as dark purple or dark blue to maroon, is also one of the viral wedding theme trends in 2023.

The gold wedding concept is also an option for couples who want a luxurious but classic theme for this happy moment. Generally, decorations using classic and elegant themes are held in luxury skyscraper buildings.


It’s not enough that this year’s viral concept is a wedding theme. There is still a rustic theme which is also a favorite theme for women. The reason is that this concept carries a very strong side of romance and feminism. This rustic theme usually also uses pastel colors and floral motifs in its decoration.

Be aware that the rustic theme in the wedding concept also leans more towards a vintage concept with the presence of wooden elements. This is a viral 2023 wedding concept that is highly recommended for those of you who want an intimate wedding. Those who want to get married this year can of course try some of these wedding concepts.