Beach Wedding Attire Guide for a Stylish Celebration

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A big part of the appeal of a tropical destination wedding is the time you spend sipping cocktails by the beach. The right outfit for beach wedding attire depends on the formality of the occasion. While a sandy beach wedding is a dream for many, it can also be a source of confusion for guests. For that reason, here we will discuss recommendations and outfit tips for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Attire Guide for a Stylish Celebration

Beach Wedding Attire Guide for a Stylish Celebration

Some beach weddings are so casual that you should follow a basic dress code. Both men and women can push the boundaries further in terms of color palettes and patterns. Because the right color choice can make it more stylish here’s a little help on the outfit part.

Formal Beach Wedding

For women, you can go for an ankle-length dress or the one with straps or short sleeves. Apart from that you can also go for a formal jumpsuit. To give a formal appearance, you can choose elegant and low-key fabrics, such as organza, lace, silk, or charmeuse. Choose sandals, stylish shoes, or wedges.

Meanwhile, men can choose traditional wedding attire, such as jackets, trousers, and neat button-down shirts. Choose fabrics that absorb sweat easily and are lightweight. Then you should consider formal shoes with thin socks.

Casual Beach Wedding

If the wedding has a more casual dress code than formal or semi-formal, you should choose casual attire. For women, you should choose casual dresses, such as loose maxi dresses with tropical prints, and boho dresses, appropriate for the beach that are not too formal. It’s best to avoid super short dresses as the wind can be a factor. You can opt for sandals, wedges, or chunky heels that are perfect on the beach.

Beach wedding attire guide for men use a short-sleeved shirt without a jacket or use a light collared shirt or an interesting pattern or a simple polo. There is no need to choose formal trousers but can wear half-leg shorts, such as chinos or loose linen shorts. Avoid denim pants, cargo shorts, or swim trunks.

Wedding Attire with a semi-formal or Cocktail Theme

Semi-formal or cocktail beach wedding still feels stylish. Women can opt for a jumpsuit or a slightly shorter long dress. These dresses come in a variety of styles, so you can choose according to your body shape. Shoes can be flat-soled to avoid sinking in the sand.

Men can also dress a little more casually with a three-quarter sleeve button-down shirt. You can also wear a breezy sports coat or a cute blazer with a unique pattern. Choose closed-toe loafers or canvas lace-up sneakers. You can use socks to maximize comfort. This beach wedding attire guide can maximize a more beautiful look.